I take Virus Guard Protection everywhere I go. With so much uncertainty of how this virus is spread, I do all that I can to minimize my risk by spraying onto my mask and spraying it on everything.

Miami, Florida


I can’t afford to get sick. I am doing all I can to protect myself and my family during this virus. It smells good and it’s easy to take to work with me. I’m on my 2nd bottle and I recommend it to everyone.

Chesapeake, VA

Love the idea of killing the germs on the outside of my mask before it can hit my face or nose. I have told my friends and they all have bought it too. Will be back for more.

Dallas, Texas


I have gone through 2 bottles of this spray. I feel safer knowing it will kill anything that hits my mask.

Albany, New York


We ordered 30 bottles for our nursing home staff to use on their masks and though out the day on our hands and skin. It is a smooth absorbent spray that is easy to use after hand-washing and glove changes all day. We like that it is natural and a very strong anti-microbial. We are doing our best to protect our staff and our patients.

North Carolina


Virus Guard is perfect for me. I am vegan and only use natural products. Every day I spray Virus Guard Protection on my mask for work. I love it and will be back for more.